19 Creepy Old VHS Tapes Worth Insane Amounts of Money

By Alex Stronberg Apr 04, 2016 16M
VHS tapes could prove to be the next vinyl
VHS tapes could prove to be the next vinyl (Credit: morgueFile)

A lot of people still hold on to their old VHS tapes and that could prove to be a very smart move. There is number of collectors out there willing to pay a lot of money for old and rare titles. Especially those that never made it to DVD or Blu-ray. Most of these titles belong to the trash horror niche, but there are a few exceptions. The LoveAntiques made a list of the most expensive old VHS titles, which we're just about to share with you - Who knows, maybe there's a fortune hidden somewhere among the boxes lying in your attic. Let's dive right into it...